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vicki bogan



Associate Professor

Contact Information
201K Warren Hall
Cornell University
Ithaca, NY 14853
Phone: (607) 254-7219


Television & Radio Interviews


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SiriuxXM Satellite - Vicki Bogan on Knowledge@Wharton, November 15, 2017,

Mental Health and Retirement Savings - Click below to hear interview.



talk zone logoInternet Talk Radio -, October 22, 2017, "Depression and Your Bank Account"



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790 KABC, Dr. Drew Midday Live with Mike Catherwood, August 31, 2017, Mental Health and Retirement Savings




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SiriuxXM Satellite - Urban View, The Lou Hutt Show, February 11, 2017,

Banking and African American Households - Click below to hear interview.




talk zone logoInternet Talk Radio -, October 11, 2013, "The Truth about 529 Plans"



pbs logoPBS NewsHour – Paul Solman’s Making Sense, June 19, 2012, “Empowerment Experiment”




whcu logoWHCU 870 AM News Talk Radio, August 11, 2011, “Household Finance during Uncertain Economic Times”




news 10 logoNews 10 Now, January 20, 2009, "The Effect of the Economic Downturn on the Ithaca Metropolitan Area"

News Articles

Forbes LogoSavvy Money, March 5, 2018, “5 Ways We Should (All) Manage Money Like Women"



Forbes LogoPrevention, October 13, 2017, “How Anxiety and Depression Can Drain Your Retirement Savings"



Forbes LogoFemme Frugality, October 2, 2017, “The Long-Term Financial Effects of PTSD"



Forbes LogoMoneyish, August 30, 2017, “Mental Health Problems Could Negatively Impcat How You Live Past 65, A Study Says"


Forbes LogoScience Daily, August 29, 2017, “Mental Health Linked to Retirement Savings"



Forbes LogoMagnify Money, August 24, 2017, “Six Bad Money Habits That Could Wreck Your Finances - and How to Break Them" by Brittney Laryea


Forbes, February 13, 2017, “How the Black Community Took Banking into Their Own Hands”



Forbes, February 1, 2017, “How Blacks Took Banking into Their Own Hands”


Forbes LogoHartford Funds, June 20, 2016, “Hartford Funds' Human-centric Insights Panel Aims to Enhance Advisor-Client Relationships: New Program Supports Human-centric Investing Approach”



Forbes, April 22, 2016, “America’s Overly Casual Relationship with Debt”



Forbes, March 8, 2016, “2016’s Property Taxes by State – Ask the Experts” by John S. Kiernan



Forbes, October 1, 2015, “Young Americans Are Giving Up on Getting Rich” by Peter Coy and Karen Weise


Forbes, April 20, 2015, "Safe CDs Pay Zip. So Why Not Buy Stocks?" by Stacy Jones


Forbes, October 7, 2014, "Americans Say They're Too Broke to Invest" by Sheyna Steiner



Forbes, September 10, 2013, "10 Tough Lessons For College and Retirement Savers - And Tax Reform" by Janet Novack


HBR logoHarvard Business Review Blog Network / The Daily Stat, August 20, 2013, “A Gender Curiosity: Parents with All Girls and No Boys Own More Stock”



psy today logoPsychology Today, August 20, 2013, "Are Hidden Biases Costing You Money?" by Andrea Hilbert



wsj logoThe Wall Street Journal Personal Finance Blog, October 19, 2011, "Do Psychological Shocks Affect Financial Risk Taking Behavior? A Study of U.S. Veterans" by Joe Light


The Daily, May 10, 2011, "Going to the Mattresses" by Ashley Kindergan


Forbes, May 5, 2010, "How Mental Health Affects Investor Choice" by David Randall



Op Eds

ithaca journalIthaca Journal, June 8, 2013, "Words of Advice for College Grads" by Vicki L. Bogan


Ithaca Journal, May 17, 2013, "Before Facing the World, Go to Commencement First" by Vicki L. Bogan



529 College Savings Plan Fees - Cornell Chronicle


Trauma and Financial Risk Taking

- Webpage

- Cornell Chronicle


Mental Health and Household Investment Decisions - Cornell Chronicle


Inside Cornell NYC Media Luncheon - April 28, 2009