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vicki bogan



Associate Professor

Contact Information
201K Warren Hall
Cornell University
Ithaca, NY 14853
Phone: (607) 254-7219



Listed By Research Area


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Individual/Household Investment Decision Making


Mental Health and Retirement Savings: Confounding Issues with Compounding Interest, Health Economics. forthcoming.

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- Prevention

- Moneyish

- Science Direct

- Cornell Chronicle


How Children with Mental Disabilities Affect Household Investment Decisions, American Economic Review. 107 (5), 536-540, May 2017.


Household Asset Allocation, Offspring Education, and the Sandwich Generation, American Economic Review. 105 (5), 611-615, May 2015.


Savings Incentives and Investment Management Fees: A Study of the 529 College Savigns Plan Market, Contemporary Economic Policy. 32 (4), 826-842. October 2014.

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- Forbes

- Cornell Chronicle


Household Investment Decisions, in Investor Behavior: The Psychology of Financial Planning and Investing, H. Kent Baker and Victor Ricciardi (editors). 2014.


Household Investment Decisions and Offspring Gender: Parental Accounting, Applied Economics. 45 (31), 4429-4442, November 2013.

- Harvard Business Review Blog


Portfolio Choice and Mental Health, joint with Angela Fertig, Review of Finance. 17 (3), 955-992. July 2013.

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- Cornell Chronicle


Do Psychological Shocks Affect Financial Risk Taking Behavior? A Study of U.S. Veterans, joint with David Just and Brian Wansink, Contemporary Economic Policy. 31 (3), 457-467, July 2013. Lead article

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- Psychology Today

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- Personal connection to military


Immigrant Household Investment Behavior and Country of Origin: A Study of Immigrants to the United States, joint with Sayako Seto, International Journal of Finance and Economics. 18 (2), 128-158, March 2013.


Bubbles or Convenience Yields?: A Theoretical Explanation with Evidence from Technology Company Equity Carve-Outs, International Review of Economics and Finance. 18 (2), 248-281, March 2009.


Stock Market Participation and the Internet, Journal of Financial and Quantitative Analysis. 43 (1), 191-212, March 2008.


Harry M. Markowitz and Modern Portfolio Theory, in the International Encyclopedia of the Social Sciences, 2nd Edition, William Darity, Jr. (editor). November 2007.


Corporate Investment Decision Making


Team Gender Diversity and Investment Decision Making Behavior, joint with David Just and Chekitan Dev, Review of Behavioral Finance. 5 (2), 134-152, 2013.


Small Businesses and Risk Contingent Credit, joint with Calum Turvey and Cao Yu, Journal of Risk Finance. 13 (5), 491-506. 2012.


Are Firms on the Right Page with Chapter 11? An Analysis of Firm Choices that Contribute to Post-Bankruptcy Survival, joint with Chad Sandler, Applied Economics Letters. 19 (7), 609-613, May 2012.


What Drives Merger Decision Making Behavior?: Don't Seek, Don't Find, and Don't Change Your Mind, joint with David Just, Journal of Economic Behavior and Organization. 72 (3), 930-943, December 2009.


Culture and Entrepreneurship? African American and Immigrant Self-Employment in the United States, joint with William Darity, Jr., Journal of Socio-Economics. 37 (5), 1999-2019, October 2008.

- PBS NewsHour: Paul Solman's Making Sense


Book Review of The History of Black Business in America: Capitalism, Race, Entrepreneurship, Volume 1, to 1865 (2nd Edition). Journal of Economic History 70 (3), 777-778, September 2010.


Microfinance - Investment Decision Making: Individual/Households and Coporate/Institutions


The Elasticity of Demand for Microcredit: Evidence from Latin America, Development Policy Review. 33 (6), 725-757, November 2015.


Capital Structure and Sustainability: An Empirical Study of Microfinance Institutions, The Review of Economics and Statistics. 94 (4), 1045-1058, November 2012.


The Securitization of Microloans, in Finanical Inclusion, Innovation, and Investments: Biotechnology and Capital Markets Working for the Poor, Ralph D. Christy and Vicki L. Bogan (editors). February 2011.











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