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vicki bogan



Associate Professor

Contact Information
201K Warren Hall
Cornell University
Ithaca, NY 14853
Phone: (607) 254-7219




AEM 4230: Contemporary Topics in Behavioral Finance: This course is designed to stimulate critical thinking about contemporary topics that attract attention in the press among key finance decision-makers. The course draws on the theory of modern finance to facilitate the understanding of real world issues. The course covers topics in traditional and behavioral finance; focusing on corporate governance, financial markets, portfolio formation, market efficiency, and fixed income securities.



AEM 4260: Fixed Income Securities: This course focuses on fixed income securities including treasuries, corporate bonds, default-free bonds, and floating rate notes. Other topics include related financial instruments such as bond options, mortgage backed securities, collateralized mortgage obligations, and credit derivatives. In addition to the analysis of specific types of fixed income securities, there will be an examination of the tools used in bond portfolio management.


2nd Annual Fixed Income Portfolio Management Challenge

Fixed Income Portfolio Management Challenge - Video


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Click button to view comments from Adam Levinson, Dennis Rhee, and Michael Troy during the 2nd Annual Fixed Income Portfolio Management Challenge



AEM 4620: Advanced Financial Modeling and Analysis: - This course is designed to equip future finance professionals with the knowledge of key finance systems (Bloomberg), skills, and technologies. The lectures and labs will teach students to apply their theoretical finance knowledge in real world situations for the purpose of optimizing their future job performance and increase their marketability. Lectures will focus on financial modeling. The lab component of the course will require students to complete the 10 hour, self-paced Bloomberg certification process.